Where are they?

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From time to time I get approached for information on long-lost friends.

Sometimes it is reasonably easy e.g. "whatever happened to Toni Wieczorek?". Other requests e.g. "where is Dave Hughes now?", present much more of a problem!

I can only help with considerable input from you, out there. So, please, forward any information that you might have on the persons whose names appear below. The year given is the year that the person started at Grove Park, not necessarily in the first year. I have to admit that sometimes this is guesswork!

N.B. No information is given out without the consent of the person concerned.


Yvonne Roberts & Yvonne Jones

Pat. Byrne - Found in U.S.A!

D. R. (Bob) Davies - 1960

Tony Evans - 1955

 Colin "Cuth" Edwards - 1954 (in Australia?)

Andy Scott - 1960

S.A. (Shady) Strickland - 1960 (4th year)

Hillary Porter Jones - 1957

Thanks to those whose snippets of information contributed to the finding of those above.

If you would like to contact a long-lost friend, contact us and we will  check to see if we have any helpful information.

We have a considerable list of names and addresses. However, we are always looking to expand this.

Our contact details are on the home page.







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