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The OW Web

We are convinced that The Old Wrexhamians Web is equally as complex and far-reaching as the world-wide web! So many "strange coincidences" arise that they are well worth recording. If you have any such stories please send them to us. Here are a few examples:

Four OWs who are still living in the area decided to meet up for a pre-Christmas drink. Tony Davies (Llangollen), Stan. O'Brien (Johnstown), Dave Loose (Ruabon) and Roy McMahon (Pant) thought that Ruabon would be a central point and decided to meet in the Bridge End Inn, a place that has the feel of an old-fashioned, real, pub, complete with open fire! We chatted, laughed and joked and, I must say, not quietly (how could it be with "Scottie" there?). The landlord overheard us talking about our schooldays and came over and asked "you're not ex-Grove Park are you?" "Of course we are" we replied......."So am I". Peter McGivern had attended G.P. in the mid-sixties, after the four of us had left. However, we exchanged tales, especially of certain teachers. I must say that Peter's impression of "Twigger" Hargreaves has to be seen & heard!

You will have seen, on the "home" page, what an idiot I was in not realising that I had copies of the Girls' School magazine in my cupboard. I have now had a look through some of those magazines and remarked to my wife on the lack of photographs but abundance of illustrations in, for instance, the magazine of '61-'62. On checking I find that the production of those illustrations are credited to Susan Williams - - at that time, my girlfriend!

When "JAP" Jones was moving into his present house, many years ago, a removal van was loading up from the house opposite. The person moving out was a former classmate. However, this is only the start of this strange story. This classmate then moved to Gloucestershire where he lived not far from another former classmate, Nev. Capper. More recently he has moved to my area!         UPDATE: This story used to carry names and places but the former friend has insisted that I remove personal information that might identify him!                       

John Fowles' fabulous house on the side of a mountain, overlooking Llangollen, had been on the market for over two years. Everyone who came to view said "wonderful, I must have it" but each time there was no follow-up. When yet another viewing was arranged he thought "here we go again". At the appointed time who should walk through the door but fellow OW John Barry Williams, proprietor of PHS in Wrexham. "Love it" said JB, "I'll be in touch". The very next morning the Estate Agent phoned and said "sold"!

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In the process of organising the OW Golf Day, I received an e-mail from Wrexham solicitor David Parry listing some other OW's who might be interested in the golf and/or dinner. One name on the list was that of Des. Parry. Whilst David did not have Des's address he said that Berwyn Edwards of Messrs. Geoffrey Morris & Ashton, would. So I phoned Berwyn Edwards. I had not known him at school but we still found lots of common ground for chat. He told me that he and his wife had recently returned from Australia where they had visited his wife's cousin in Sydney. He told me that on her lounge wall was a photograph of a Grove Park Rugby team! He then said that he recognised Chris Williams of Messrs. Allington Hughes, in the photograph. I said that I, too, must have been in it as I played alongside Chris. I asked him what it was doing on his cousin's wall. He told me that the picture belonged to her ex-husband, Mike Roberts. Suffice to say that we had been trying to trace Mike for about 14 years! Now we've got him! A week or so later I received an e-mail from Mike sent from Quito, Ecuador where he was on holiday.