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Sports Day 17th May 1961

Victors Ludorum

Junior, Mike Povey & Senior, Rob. Fletcher


Names to follow!

Back: Roger Saddler, P. Pugh, Gerald Griffiths, B. G. Griffiths, Graham Kelly, Harry Dulson, G. Griffiths, Peter Taylor, Dennis Powell.

Front: Mr. A .A. Jones, J.Tobias, N. A. Jones, Olgierd Kielbinski, Garry Evans, Tony Lancelotte, Mr. Haddon Roberts.

Sitting: Gordon Pratt, Eric Stansfield.

2nd XV - 1964

Apologies for lack of names - can anyone help?

Either side of the captain, Ian Callister, are D. L. Roberts and Neil "Benny" Williams. Derek "Noddy" Crewe sits in front of D.L.


Under 15 X1 - 1961

Back row L - R   Davies (Linesman),  P M Davies,  Brian Brown, Alan McDonald, D Hughes, Ron Evans, Keith Jones (Reserve)

Front row L - R  Stuart Purdie, R (Bob) Williams, H M (Mike) Evans, Dave Walker, Gary Humphreys, Phil Dexter. 

Does anyone know the teacher pictured?


Bantams 1955/56

Can you spot the two future Welsh International SOCCER players?

Bantams 1954/55

.........and in this one a future Welsh International RUGBY player!

2nd XV 1938-39

The members of the team were: R. Davies: A. A. Jones: J. R. E. Williams: R. G. Hughes: E. Andrew: E. Earnshaw: Gillam: D. E. W. Morgan (Capt.): D. H. M. Roberts: D. A. G. Roberts: K. D. Jackson: B. C. Jones: G. Humphreys: A. Jones: R. Whale.

Eric Earnshaw is , obviously, on the extreme left of the  middle row. Next to him is Alun Angus Jones, father of  Mary Telford Jones.

1st X1 1962

1st XV - 1962

Back L - R: Elfyn Ellis, Ron Nicholson, Pete Gough, Roger Stansfield, Toni Wieczorek, Nev Capper, John Allott, Roy McMahon,  Roger Morris, John Payne.

Middle  L - R: Headmaster, Pete Flackett, Frank Dewstowe, Brian Jones, J. A. P. Jones, Bob Williams, Mr. D. Harris.

Front: Tony Perrin, Jackie Powell

U-15 X1 1960 (?)

Back L-R: Neil Williams, Stuart Dowling, Toni Wieczorek, Phil. Jones, Mike Povey, Tony Perrin. Chris Adams (Scorer).

Front L-R: Mr. Hammond, ?, Bob Williams, John Williams, Tony Davis, Ray Roberts, Headmaster.

1st X1 - 1961

Back L-R: M. McKinlay, A.K. Bateman, Mike Povey, Cliff Evans, Nev. Capper, Johnny Williams.   

Front L-R: Headmaster, Mike Parry, Alan Jarvis, Tony Edwards, J. A. P. Jones, Glyn Davies, Mr. E. Evans.

Sitting: Unknown linesmen!

U-15 X1 1960

Back L-R: Dave Vaughan, Pete Belton, Stuart Sanger, Mike Povey, Mike Roberts, John Bostock, Glyn Davies, Bob Williams.

Front L-R: Mr. W. Williams, Gareth Roberts, Ray Roberts, Mike Parry, Brian Jones, Hywel Hughes, Headmaster.

U-15 Seven-a-side: 1960


Back L-R: Elfyn Ellis, Toni Wieczorek, Mike Roberts.

Front L-R: Jackie Powell, Brian Jones, Roy McMahon, Tony Perrin.

This team won the Wrexham & District Tournament scoring 108 points and conceding 3 (scored by Grove Park "B")


Ray Gilpin, Terry Hennessey, Terry Maddocks

Can any school, anywhere, claim THREE internationals in one year? These were followed, two years later, with another - Alan Jarvis.

1st X1 - 1963

Back L-R: Mr. W. Williams, Geoff Lloyd, Mike Evans, Brian Jones, Colin Jones, John Roberts, Dennis Bordessa, Graham Walker, Mr. O. M. Edwards.

Front L-R: Mr. Haddon Roberts, Gren Lamb-Hughes, Brian Lloyd, J. A. P. Jones, Bob Williams, Gary Humphreys. Mr. E. L. Jones

2nd X1 - 1960

Back L-R: M. Parry, J. Andrews, P. King, K. Rawlinson, P. E. R. Williams, H. Hughes, K. Evans.

Front L-R: Mr. L. Bowles, J. Roberts, D. Hughes, N. E. Williams, P. Williams, J. Campangaro. Mr. Haddon Roberts.


Under 13 X1 - 1959

Rear L-R  David Vaughan, Derek Tomlinson, J.Jones, Mike Povey, Cliff Taylor, G.Jones,  Ian Purdie.

Front L-R  Mr. D. Griffiths, Mike Evans, D.Edwards, Ronnie Evans, Bob Williams, Gary Humphreys, Mr. Garfield Davies.

1st XV - 1963

Back (L-R): Tony Evans, Pete Gough, Roy McMahon, Pete Costen, Harvey Jones, Roger Lloyd, John Allott, Chris Williams.

Front : Mr. D. A. Jenkins, Alun Pritchard, J. A. P. Jones, Brian Jones, John Payne, Gren Lamb-Highes, Mr. Haddon Roberts.

Sitting: Bob Williams, Tony Pugh.